24.11.2017 – New recording studio in Angola, our company did the acoustical project of the studio


24.06.2017 – New acoustical printer panels from Artnovion, Azores line !

28.04.2017 – Added a studio with did the acoustical treatment in Cape Vert

14.04.2017 – We now have available our sister site at in multiple languages for detailed information about our products

23.09.2016 – Control of reverberation time in small church in Portugal using our products


23.08.2016 – A home cinema 3D model using acoustical panels from Artnovion made by our company tobe build in Hawaii


23.06.2016 – We are currently selling cork based acoustical panels ! Contacts us for more information

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23.06.2015 – ONLINE ACOUSTICS will sell all products from ARTNOVION, a new brand dedicated to furniture to acoustical panels

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11.04.2015 – ONLINE ACOUSTICS will sell all products from MUSTYA, a new brand dedicated to furniture to professional studios and









22.01.2015 – added an article we wrote for the

5 Acoustical Tips For Your Home Studio


07.12.2014 – added private Home Cinema with THX requirements

Parede frontal de home cinema (New Zeland)

01.12.2014 – added case study of an office with acoustical treatment to reduce reverberation time

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