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ONLINE ACOUSTICS offers several services in acoustics namely:

 Acoustical modelling of closed spaces such as churches, concert halls, recording studios, music practising rooms.

– Acoustical projects of small and large room acoustics involving room acoustics treatment as well as soundproofing. We deal with both sound and vibrations.

– Acoustical projects for noise control of HVAC systems and other type of machinery. Noise maps for environmental acoustics and industrial noise in the outdoors

– Selling acoustical products of brands such as ARTNOVION, MUSTYA, VICOUSTIC or RPG

Our experts with experience and academic education in acoustics can provide profissional assistance to your projects.

We work in all kinds of spaces from rehearsal and recording studios, home theaters up to
concert halls, churches, theaters and cinemas

André Brito

Post-Graduation in Acoustics – Salford University