Product Description

ALPHAcoustic – Diffuso is a 2-Dimensional binary array diffuser with deep cavities and wells that provide a wide sound diffusion bandwidth

Adding sound diffusion to an acoustic room treatment can improve the speech intelligibility and the overall listening environment within the room, without adding excessive amounts of sound absorption materials. Specially designed Acoustic Diffusers ALPHAcoustic-Difuso help in conserving sound energy and also help spread it around to achieve even distribution.

High density expanded Polystyrene (EPS) with flame-retardant additives. The sound absorption depends upon the application. Placed on the ceiling in a distance of 40 cm, it offers a small absorption at low frequencies with NRC = 0,30. Painted White (you can paint it any colour). They are available with a special profile to be applied into a ceiling grid (minimum distance from the ceiling is 400 mm).


– omnidirectional reflections
– lightweight construction, easy to install
– great value
– Can be installed into a ceiling grid

ALPHAcoustic-Difuso diffusers increase the diffusion in music studio rooms, while they offer perfect architectural results. In this way, your studio becomes a pleasant, functional and creative workplace for both the sound engineer and the musician.

Sound diffusers are a solid tool that any musician, sound engineer or acoustic engineer can use. When used properly (i.e. behind the listening position), they can significantly improve acoustic performance which otherwise wouldn’t have been done without the required geometric manipulations (eg dimensions and volume).

With the right choice of ALPHAcoustic type diffuser, the right location, quantity and an acoustic study, each space can achieve optimal acoustic behaviour, offering a result that satisfies the end-user.

Because of their lightweight design, audio diffusers are easy to install and considered a product suitable for DIY music studios and other low-budget constructions.