Product Description

Highway noise metal barrier ALPHAfon-HB is a highly efficient Acoustic Reflection (Air born noise insulating) and sound absorptive solution for noise control in highways or other roads, railways and other mechanical noise sources.

ALPHAfon HB.S – Shells made of special compound metal sheet (COR-TEN)

ALPHAfon HB.A – Shells made of Aluminum

The highway noise metal barrierALPHAfon-HB is made from aluminum sheet or  a special compound metal sheet (COR-TEN) at the external side and perforated aluminum sheet or perforated special compound metal sheet (COR-TEN) at the noise source side.
The top and the bottom side of the barrier are properly formed (projection – cavity) in order to achieve perfect sound sealing but also to improve its bending strength.
Internally it is filled with sound-absorbing material, mineral wool, water repellent, with appropriate density and covered with thin protective glass-wool cloth.
The noise metal barrier has great durability against time and ultraviolet radiation. It is water repellent, consists of incombustible materials and it can be easily replaced if needed.
The standard color in both sides is Ral 9002 but both sides can be painted in any Ral Color to match different project requirements.

The highway noise metal barrier ALPHAfon-HB meet all  the requirements of European Standards  ΕΝ 1793-1 και ΕΝ 1793-2 regarding the noise reduction and the sound absorption coefficient.( Acoustic parameters DLa και  DLr)


The highway noise barrier ALPHAfon-HB is installed by sliding the panels in a HE metal profile pillar according to the structural study (the use of specially designed plastic side covers allows the installation of the panel in different sizes of HE profile posts).
The top and bottom sides of the metal barrier need protection with appropriate metal profile coverings.
Building an appropriate concrete base at the bottom of the barrier is highly recommended.