Product Description

Following the same principles that inspired the Agad absorber, we created this low cost and highly effective bass trap, designed to work with our Agad absorber. The Agad Bass Trap, made entirely of foam, aims to treat the lower reflection problems in your room, within 70 Hz and 350 Hz. We recommend you use this panel in corners for maximum efficiency.


Fully optimised product
Low frequency treatment, between 70 Hz to 350 Hz

Low Cost and highly efficient Bass Trap
Fixing System: GlueArt
Dimensions: 297,5x595x333,5mm

Symmetry and efficiency on a low cost bass trap.

Because we believe that less is more, Artnovion has optimised this product to its limit, from production to packaging, increasing the absorption surface, optimising performance and reducing raw material waste.

Material: Foam

FG | 297,5x595x333,5mm (+/- 3mm)

Artnovion Fixing Systems: GlueArt

GlueArt is made from E-SBR, and specifically designed to bond our acoustic panels. SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber) is a polymer with superior adhesive efficiency; in comparison with other products on the market it presents a higher durability, reduced shrinkage, increased flexibility and is resistant to emulsification in damp conditions.