Product Description

Made of 100% PES, the Alpha Screen is the perfect solution for an acoustically aware room design. This new window screen takes Artnovion’s sound-absorbing standards to new flights, turning an every-day object into an efficient acoustic element that can help you get the best possible sounding environment.


Absorption Range : 400 Hz – 4000 Hz

Fire Rate: FR

Height: Min: 100cm – Max: 320cm
Length: Min: 80cm – Max: 300cm

Openess Factor : 4%

Alpha Screen aw=0,45


Alpha Screen

The Alpha Screen is equipped with a reflective silver layer on one side of the fabric (on the outwards face), that improves heat insulation and, more critically, considerably reduces incident light transmission through the screen.

Available in 4 different colours and in a wide range of different sizes, the Alpha Screen can fit any context or room design.

The Alpha Screen is a perfect solution for controlling window reflection, an unwanted contribution to many rooms. The screen is especially effective at mid-range and high frequency, making it a perfect solution for improving speech intelligibility, ideal for environments such as offices or restaurants.

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