Product Description

The Bow range is a new design born of the collaboration between Jan Morel and Artnovion.
The bow is an elegant balance between simplicity and futuristic design. The Bow is available in 3 different sizes.
Each Bow has a solid wooden shell, forming a carefully calibrated semi-circular diffuser, with dual lateral closed cavities packed with high-performance acoustic foam. The Bow has a further central Helmholtz cavity extending the mid-range frequency absorption, for an overall balanced mid-high frequency hybrid absorber with an outstanding geometric diffusion.


Hybrid Absorber

Recommended for:
Studios | Recording rooms

Absorption range:
250 Hz to 2000 Hz

Jan Morel Signature line

Available in 3 sizes, all crafted from premium fabrics and quality wood, filled with high-performance acoustic foam.

Combining the 3 different sizes of Bow creates distinct, unique designs and diffusion patterns.

The Bow can be installed on walls or ceilings, hung on screws by means of a discreet imbedded backboard. It can also be installed directly through the front of the panel, concealed behind removable side-foam.

Available in a selection of 10 wood and 10 fabric finishes.

Mid-High absorption and diffusion

Available fire rates:
FG | Furniture Grade

Bow – S | 595x148x75mm
Bow – M | 892x148x107mm
Bow – L | 1190x148x138mm