Product Description

Galan is a new line of hybrid panels – combining a high-performance acoustic core with a carefully calibrated diffuser design. This dual functionality breaks away from the old-school parameters of acoustic design, creating new paths to solve excessive reverberation and uneven sound fields.
The acoustic cores are formed by strategically interwoven acoustic foam with Helmholtz resonators, layered over an encompassing sealed air cavity. The parallel slats diffuse incoming waves, creating a uniform reflection pattern and homogenous sound fields. All tweaked to pack the most performance in the minimum space possible.
The most striking facet of this panel is the design possibilities. The panels parametric design turns simple panels into a pattern that flows along the walls, morphing and unfolding according to your point-of-view.
Made from a selection of wood and lacquered finishes, with a range of secondary interior colours, the Flow range opens a world of acoustic treatment to a whole new dimension of possibilities.

A wave shaped premium panel.

Optimised curve.

Recommended for

– Hi-Fi Listening Room

– Media Room

– Home Cinema


Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture GradeMaterials:
– Natural wood veneer | Lacquered HMDF
– HMDF and plywood structureDimensions | 595x595x83mmIntegrated fixing system already incorporated on the panel.


Hybrid Absorber-Diffuser

Absorption range:
125 Hz to 8000 Hz

Acoustic Class:
A | (αw): 0,95


– Sweet spot sound field distribution
– RT reduction

A high-performance acoustic core with a carefully calibrated diffuser design

Recommended for

– Control Room
– Recording Room
– Home Studio
– Broadcast Studio
– Vocal Booth
– Drum Room

Available fire rate:
FG | Furniture GradeMaterials:
– Acoustic fabric
– Natural wood | Lacquered HMDF
– Marine grade plywood structural frame
– Calibrated cell acoustic foamDimensions:
Galan | 1190x297x175mm
Galan Dimi | 595x297x175mm