Product Description

More than a simple acoustic panel, Myriad AE is a design tool that thrives on creativity and imagination. Myriad AE has a lean, elegant shape and comes with a fabric-covered or PET front that allows for quick and effortless installations. Built for high-frequency reverberation control, Myriad AE is made of a recycled PET core that rates as a Class 1 material according to the [email protected] Standard 100. It is available in 3 different fabric finishes, providing multiple colour options and combinations to take the acoustic design possibilities even further.


AbsorberAbsorption range: 315 Hz to 8000 HzAcoustic Class: B | (αw) = 0,80

Sizes: 297 mm by 297 mm, 595 mm by 595 mm and 1190 mm by 595 mm
Thicknesses: 25 and 40 mm

Available Fire Rates:

FG | Furniture Grade

FR | Fire Rated


FG | Materials:

– Suede Acoustic Fabric

– Sound PET acoustic core – Euro Class B


FR | Cleanable Fabric Finish:

– Twill Acoustic Fabric | COVID-19 Safe

– Sound PET acoustic core – Euro Class B


FR | Materials:

– Felted Acoustic Fabric

– Sound PET acoustic core – Euro Class B


Recycled PET absorption – Class 1 product according to the [email protected] Standard 100.


The PET core is a material made entirely from recycled PET plastic, that undergoes an environmentally-friendly transformation process into the non-woven acoustic core we use in this panel. To keep this process as efficient as possible, the thickness of the product may vary slightly (±3mm).




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