Product Description

It is often said that less is more and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Norma might just be the materialization of these concepts. Designed with a uniform perforation pattern, this panel is completely focused on mid frequency absorption, which makes it a very useful tool to shape the acoustics of offices, auditoriums, restaurants or any room where speech is the main sound source. The Norma design comes in 4 different perforation sizes, each tuned to a certain frequency range, and it’s available in 4 natural wood finishes and also 4 lacquered finishes. It is installed with a simplified direct screw system designed for quick, easy installation and maintenance.



Absorption Range:
315 Hz to 3150 Hz

Acoustic Class:
C | (aw) = 0,7


– RT reduction

– Improving speech intelligibility

– Extended mid-low frequency Absorption

– High frequency absorption

– Noise Reduction

– Auditoriums


Carbon positive Natural Wood – Carefully selected wood from controlled, sustainable sources.

Recycled PET absorption layer – Class 1 product according to the OEKO-TEX@ Standard 100.

Available fire rates:
FG | Furniture Grade
FR | Fire Rated

(FR) Materials:
– Fire retardant HMDF
– Fire retardant HMDF structural frame
– Sound PET absorption layer

(FG) Materials:
– Natural wood veneer | Lacquered HMD
– Marine grade plywood structural frame
– Sound PET absorption layer

Range | Dimensions:
Norma 8 | Norma 10 | Norma 12 | Norma 16
– (FG) 800x1184x39mm
– (FR) 800x1184x40mm