Product Description

The Verona’s bold and modern design is the perfect example of what Artnovion stands for. This unique look was conceived to be arranged in multiple mesmerising patters that can easily fit in any office, meeting or conference rooms or even in big venues like auditoriums or shopping malls. These features associated with its very efficient mid frequency absorption and the ease of its direct screw fixing system make Verona a very desirable tool to solve everyday acoustic problems.



Absorption Range:
315 Hz to 3150 Hz

Acoustic Class:
C | (aw) = 0,7


– RT reduction
– Improving speech intelligibility

– Extended mid-low frequency Absorption

– High frequency absorption

– Noise ReductionCarbon positive Natural Wood – Carefully selected wood from controlled, sustainable sources.

Recycled PET absorption layer – Class 1 product according to the OEKO-TEX@ Standard 100.

Available fire rates:
FG | Furniture Grade
FR | Fire Rated

(FR) Materials:
– Fire retardant HMDF
– Fire retardant HMDF structural frame
– Sound PET absorption layer

(FG) Materials:
– Natural wood veneer | Lacquered HMD
– Marine grade plywood structural frame
– Sound PET absorption layer

– (FG) 800x1184x39mm
– (FR) 800x1184x40mm