Product Description

The acoustic treatment done exclusively with absorption may be suitable for atriums, cafeterias and other spaces where the only objective is to reduce the background noise in the room.

For rooms with musical or speech purposes, such as concert halls, theaters, cinemas, conference rooms, rehearsal rooms, recording studios, classrooms and churches, using only with absorption materials results in a monotonous and dry sound, many times unsuitable for the acoustic functionality of the space.

The advantages of using diffusers are:

– spread the sound in the room evenly
– creating a sense of spatiality for the listener
– solve acoustic problems such as echoes and still retain the live acoustic characteristics of the room

Our company has developed a new type of diffuser FB BIG DFUSOR based on the theory of diffusers from the seventies, creating an affordable, effective diffuser that operates in the middle frequencies. Unlike some products on the market made of EPS or plaster, our diffusers are entirely made of wood at an extraordinary price.

Only available for orders over 100 units.

Fire protection class: N / A