Product Description

ISOLfonBARRIER is a soundproofing membrane that increases the transmission loss of walls and ceilings, and especially in light/dry construction.

Thanks to their viscoelastic properties this soundproofing material, its high surface weight, its small thickness, its high mechanical resistance and flexibility, ISOLfonBARRIER  is one of the most practical sound insulation membranes for light and dry partitions that require a thin sound proofing material.

The above soundproofing material is produced from high density elastomeric viscoelastic EPDM. It is environment friendly, without asphalt or other hazardous materials. ISOLfonBARRIER  heavy loaded mass vinyl can soundproof a wide temperature range without softening, melting, cracking etc, maintaining the same insulation performance.

Types – Dimensions

  • ISOLfonBARRIER  10kg/m2 | sheets 100 x 120cm x 5mm
  • ISOLfonBARRIER  5 kg/m2 rolls 5m x 100cm x 2,5mm
  • ISOLfonBARRIER  3,5 kg/m2 rolls 5m x 100cm x 1,8mm

Applications of the Viscoelastic Mass loaded vinyl

  • Airborne sound insulation for light constructions with steel sheet, plasterboard, bricks, plastic sheets, wood, MDF, drainage pipes etc, or as suspended insulating curtains with the appropriate support.
  • Impact sound insulation for applications like doors, floating floors, partition walls, machine enclosures, vehicle floors, etc.
  • Vibration damping for metal sheets, plastic sheets, drain pipes, vehicle walls and floors, etc.
  • Combinations ISOLfonBARRIER  can be combined with sound absorption materials (such as ISOLFON-SEP) and/or as bonded to rigid elements like wooden, plaster, plastic or metal sheets, achieve even higher degrees of sound insulation and vibration damping.


  • They can be applied on any surface – either flat or curved.
  • No requirement for special tools for handling and installation.
  • They can be cut in size and shape with a conventional knife.
  • They can be applied with glue or mechanical fixing.