Product Description


RPG Diviewser is the name for the 2 different types of transparent diffusors, the Omniffusor and the QRD. These units can be used in areas where vision is still required but acoustic control is necessary.

The QRD® has become a classic shape in architectural acoustics, from its birth in 1987 it can now be found in churches, schools, theatres and studios all over the world. The Diviewser is based on the QRD® design and is designed to be used where views through the unit are desired. The surface of the Diviewser is designed to provide a more uniform sound field through mid and high frequency diffusion while the sturdy, acrylic wall construction of the unit limits the amount of sound energy that is removed by absorption.

Interfering reflections that degrade speech intelligibility, gain before feedback, and music quality can be controlled by absorption and/or diffusion. When absorption alone is used to control reflections it creates “dead” sounding spaces that lack the benefit of late order reflections which can greatly enhance the acoustic performance of a space. When performance spaces require glass surfaces for viewing, day lighting or special lighting effects, conventional high opacity materials that most diffusers are made out of are not plausible solutions.

The Diviewsor® is the first and most applied light transmitting sound diffusing panel in the world. Rather than remove the energy that strikes key surfaces in a space, the Diviewsor® preserves the energy by uniformly distributing the energy back into the space. The onset of diffusion for the Diviewsor® occurs at roughly 320 Hz.


Offers broad bandwidth sound diffusion in a decorative, light transmitting acrylic cabinet.
Comes in a variety of materials, including clear, translucent, tinted and higher opacity acrylics.
Simple framed wall or ceiling installation.