Product Description


The new anti-vibration mount Vibro-3D is one of the few anti-vibration mounts that can support heavy vibrating equipment in every direction (x,y,z) and can sustain forces of the tension, compression, shear nature.
The Vibro-3D anti-vibration mount is designed to sustain impulsive loads in all the three axes, therefore it is capable to receive high vertical or lateral shocks/ compression with minimum danger of destruction.
The main internal elastic material is polyurethane foam with semi-closed cells, which is produced in Germany by BSW with the trademark of Regufoam®. The full range of its mechanical behavior diagrams, that was conducted at the University of Dresden, are available on request.

Vibro-3D Multi-directional Anti-vibration Mount, suitable for:
  • Suspension of exhaust gas pipes.
  • Marine & aviation APPLICATIONS.
  • Support of freon cooling pipelines.
  • Mounting of high RPM engines.
  • Mounting of electronic devices.
  • Suspension & on-wall fastening of loudspeakers.
  • Anti-seismic protection of machines.

Height regulation and Mounting

The anti-vibration mount Vibro-3D is equipped with a rust resistant Height Regulation Device (Vibro-HR).