Product Description


Vibro-Band is used as an intermediate anti-vibration band between skirting boards and the floating wooden floors. By using Vibro-Band, sound and vibration passage through the skirting is prevented.


The anti-vibration profile Vibro-Band is produced of special synthetic rubber.

Its innovative design ensures:
• Easy installation.
• Prevention from possible sound – bridge.
• Waterproofing of the floor.
• Firm installation between skirting-board and wooden parquet.

The intermediate anti-vibration Band, Vibro-Band is a necessary accessory in wooden nailed floors when used with the anti-vibration mounts Vibro-FM or Vibro-FS in order to prevent lateral transmitted vibration.


During the installation of the parquet an appropriate gap, must be kept, in order to avoid sound-bridge, between parquet and wall (4 – 8 mm).
Place the Vibro-Band in the gap by pressing it. It is easily fastened, due to its flaps, but if it is necessary, its upper part can be nailed onto the wall.
Finally place the skirting-board on the Vibro-Band.