Product Description


Multiform Suspension using the anti-vibration rubber support Vibro-mini – Vibro-CH mini:

  • Anti-vibration suspension of machinery (ventilators, air conditioning etc.)
  • Suspension of sound insulation false ceiling (gypsum board).
  • Anti-vibration suspension of pipes, air – ducts.

Vibro-CH mini consists of a galvanized heavy metal frame and the anti-vibration rubber support Vibro-mini. Usually, the metal frame is delivered in flattened form. The metal frame can be easily transformed to any of the 3 forms shown in the figures.


The Vibro-CH mini Multiform Anti-vibration Suspension can be used in the following forms:

  • Shape (1): screwed on both sides of the metal suspension’s profile.
  • Shape (2): screwed with 2 anchors on the ceiling.
  • Shape (3): is fixed with 1 anchor on the ceiling.
  • Shape (4): hanged up with a hook.