Product Description


Vibro-CH is a spring hanger that consists of a combination of anti-vibration rubber with metal spring for better vibration isolation of low and high frequency.

The Anti-vibration hanger Vibro-CH consists of:
• Steel frame with painted finish or galvanized metal for protection
• Steel spring in according to DIN standard with a galvanized finish
• Steel cup to prevent spring movement
• Rubber element on the top for better isolation of audible frequency (polyurethane foam with semi-closed cells)
• Hanging Rod with safety nut (upon request)
• Preloading capability by turning the bottom nut
• The ability of angular misalignment up to 30 degrees without contacting the metal frame
• Rubber spring cup with a projecting bushing to prevent sound bridge
• Different types of hanging (screw, eyes bold).
• Pre-loading kit (upon request).

*The hanging bolt does not included.



Anti-vibration hanger Vibro CH can be used in the following applications:

Sound insulation in floating ceilings as an anti-vibration Hanger (false ceiling with plasterboard)
Anti-vibration machine hanging (ie FCUs), Vibration isolation of pipes, air ducts, loudspeakers etc.



1. Locate each anti-vibration hanger Vibro-CH into position according to submital drawing using color coded springs or labelling as identification.
2. Fix securely the anti-vibration hanger Vibro-CH to upper ceiling , to achieve correct spacing between isolators.
3. Adjust the rod to fix the appropriate level in order to distribute the load among anti-vibration hangers.
4. Check to ensure adiquate alignment of the flase ceiling metal frame.