Product Description


The Vibro-HH Heavy-duty spring and rubber anti-vibration hangers can be used in applications with increased total weight and limited hanging points. In those applications, a heavy duty anti-vibration hanger needs to be used in order to be able to sustain the increased weight, while acting as an adequate spring vibration isolator. That offers a low natural frequency and an increased vibration isolation.

The frame of Vibro-HH is made from galvanized metal sheet or metal with painted finish. The Suspension Screw/rod can vary depending on the project requirements and is not included in the product.

The acceptable rod misalignment up to 30° arc, without contacting the metal frame. The elastic element of the hanger is a high-quality polyurethane vibration isolation foam, with semi-closed cells, manufactured by the German company BSW under the trademark Regufoam Vibration Plus®.

Vibro-HH can be supplied with a pre-loading kit (rubber & metal washer) upon request. Additionally, different types of hanging endings can be used in order to match the exact project requirements.


Deflection (at maximum load): 25 mm
Natural Frequency (at maximum load): 3 Hz