Product Description

The anti-vibration wall braces Vibro-PB.F are used in order to add structural integrity of long
and tall gypsum board walls, which are mounted on antivibration pads or based on a floating
floor. They avoid any direct connection between the double walls and increase their stiffness.
It is useful when a secondary wall is applied for improved sound insulation where rigid
connections will cause unwanted sound bridges.
Vibro-PB.F consists of a double metal frame, suitable reinforced and modulated. In the
middle, there is a high-quality polyurethane foam with semi-closed cells, under trademark
Regufoam®, which avoids the transmission of vibrations while providing optimal acoustic
results. Its metal assembly is a “fail-safe” structure in fire and impact resistance applications.
Reduces wall bending in the event of seismic stimulation.

Applications (floating wall):
Vibro PB.F vibration isolators wall braces are designed mainly for the floating soundproofed
walls. These mounts can also be used for hanging horizontal pipes, air ducts, or any type of
lightweight machinery that needs to be isolated.

Applications (floating ceiling):
Vibro PB.F vibration proof hangers can be also applied on floating insulating gypsum board
ceiling applications