Product Description


Vibro-QH.R Sound Insulator consists of a specially designed galvanized metal suspension hanger, which has grappling edges for QUICK & EASY connection with the standard ceiling profiles with dimensions 60 x 27 mm (for false ceilings) according to DIN 18182-1.
Therefore the working cost is decreased and the work of the installer is facilitated.
The elastic element of the Vibro-QH.F hanger is high technology polyurethane foam, with semi-closed cells, with the trademark Regufoam®. The elastic element is used to minimize sound and vibration transfer (of the audible frequency spectrum) through structural bridges.


Vibro-QH.R Sound Insulator can be used as hangers for suspension of floating false ceiling with gypsum board and plaster ceilings, anti-vibration suspension of machinery (ventilators, air conditioning e.t.c.), anti-vibration suspension of pipes, air –ducts etc.

Vibro-QH.R is available with two different thickness of its elastic pad:

  • 12 mm (the more economical solution)
  • 25 mm (better vibration control)