Product Description


The Vibro-SC is a low profile, anti-vibration wall connector that is used to add structural integrity to long and tall gypsum board walls, mounted on top of anti-vibration pads or supported on floating flours Isolated walls are a very critical aspect in order to prevent vibration transmission in a building application.
Floating walls with vibration isolation products are often used in music studios, home cinemas and overall acoustically sensitive areas. In a floating wall construction, It is important that the walls of the space are isolated from the building’s structural elements.

The Vibro-SC are wall braces that are used when space is limited between the isolated wall and the main building structure. The Vibro-SC acoustic sway brace is only 40mm wide so can be fitted within most cavities.
It contributes in fully isolating an acoustically sensitive space, by preventing vibration transmission and sound bridges.
If the wall requires lateral support to sustain compression and shear forces, anti-vibration wall braces will be required.


Vibro-SC anti-vibration wall connectors consists of two galvanized metal frames, suitable reinforced and modulated. In-between of the metal frames, a foam rubber element is inserted to eliminate sound bridges and avoid the passing through of unwanted audible frequencies.
The wall braces are not to be used for vertical support.