Product Description

Suspended Baffle VMT 3D is made from VicPET Wool – a non-woven textile produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles. Being a suspended acoustic element, presents twice the area of absorbing material exposed of a common acoustic panel, making it a very efficient solution to control noise build up in big public or industrial spaces. These Baffles can be installed both in Horizontal and Vertical position, and they they can be customised. It is a safer product compared to normal baffle solutions because it doesn’t have a metal or wood structure. It’s easy to install using a simple Wire Rope Fixation System, basically two steel cables with a hook. The Wire Rope can be easily adjusted in height up to 150 cm. Thanks to its green, recyclable, human-safe nature and acoustic properties Suspended Baffle VMT 3D can contribute to the development of sustainable projects and therefore can help you earning credits normally available in the green Building Certification Schemes such as LEED, WELL, HQE, DGNB, CASBEE, BREEAM, etc. Features: – High Performance in medium and high frequencies – Light weight – Easy to install – Easy to clean and maintain


  • Main Info

    • Dimensions: 1190x595x20mm / 46.8″x23.4″x0.8″

    • Scratch Resistance: N/A

    • Washable: N/A

  • Performance

    • Functionality: Absorption

    • Absorption Frequency Range: N/A

    • NRC: N/A

  • Fire Rate

    • USA: Class A (ASTM-E84)

  • Packaging Information

    • Units/Box: 8

    • Box Dimensions: 1260x675x355mm / 49.6″x26.6″x14″

    • Box Gross Weight:

  • Installation

    • Installation: Wire Rope (steel cable with a hook) Fixation System