Product Description

Light weight solution to reduce noise

A light weight and uncomplicated acoustic solution, ViCloud VMT 3D hangs in the ceiling suspended in the air to support and manage sound where there is a lot of background noise, conversation and disruptive sounds, such as restaurants, open plan offices, convention centers and atriums.  Available in a range of shapes and colors, ViCloud VMT 3D are ready to be installed without the need of professional assistance and in lots of different of spaces.

High ceilings treatment

Being a suspended acoustic element, it presents twice the area of absorption material than a common acoustic panel, making it a very effective solution for high ceilings venues. The minimum installation height of the clouds is 250mm and the maximum is 1180mm from the ceiling. In addition, by using Vicoustic Virtual Material Technology, ViCloud VMT Flat is customizable and adaptable to meet your architectural needs. For exquisite architectural soundscapes, that subtly align to your existing or newly renovate space, ViCloud VMT Flat may just be the solution you need.