Product Description

Main features:

/ Lightweight, making it easy to transport, and apply, offering a less expensive shipment
/ Easy to cut and readjust to the room’s requirements
/ Can be glued or screwed to walls and ceilings
/ Free of wood, metal nails and with joints almost invisible
/ Sustainable, by being manufactured with VicPET Wool, a material produced mainly from recycled plastic bottles
/ Low-emissions material, for good air quality, meeting the human-ecological requirements established for baby articles, without irritating skin or eyes
/ A green product suitable for green projects certification
/ Sound absorption properties to control medium and high frequencies, engineered at Vicoustic research lab for VicPET Wool
/ Humidity resistant with no dust generation during handling
/ Washable and easy to clean, simply by using a sponge and water
/ Fits perfectly with the rest of the Vicoustic product range

VicStrip is available in two sizes (240x60cm and 270x60cm), and four wood patterns: Natural Oak, Brown Oak, Natural Walnut, and Lincoln Walnut.