Product Description

The revolutionary Flexi Wave acoustic panel brings performance and design to our homes. This hybrid acoustic panel acts as an absorber and diffuser simultaneously.
The acoustic vicPET Wool can be removed for cleaning or replaced with a different color. The Flexi Wave is the ideal product to improve the acoustics and decor of your home cinema and hi-fi room.
This acoustic panel is ideal for residential installations, cinemas, restaurants, or on its own, as a decorative piece. The frame is made of premium MDF and high quality melamine.
Vicoustic Flexi Wave is available in two versions – the full size 4 foot panel (1200 mm) and the smaller 2 foot panel (600 mm, half a Flexi Wave). Interesting designs can be developed when both versions are combined.

1) Acoustic absorption and diffusion on a single panel
2) Polyurethane free
3) VMT technology
4) High quality MDF with anti-scratch melamine
4) PET absorption inside
5) Professional fixation system
6) Anti-alergenic
7) VOCs free
8) Customizable side

Main Info

Dimensions: 595x100x150mm / 1190x100x150mm

Scratch Resistance: Yes

Washable: N/A


Functionality: Absorption and diffusion

Absorption Frequency Range: Medium frequencies

NRC: 0.71

Fire Rate

Europe: TBA


Packaging Information

Units/Box: 6

Box Dimensions: 625x330x190mm / 1255x700x190

Box Gross Weight: 5.2kg / 12.2kg


Installation: Wall / Ceiling

Fixation: VicFix J Profile (included), Flexi Glue Ultra