Which areas of expertise do you cover ?

We are experts in room acoustics particularly studio design, listening rooms and performance spaces such as concert halls or churches.

What products do you recommend in your projects ?

We do sell acoustic products but they might not be used in our projects, it depends on the client’s needs, location of the project and budget available.

We can suggest products that are entirely “custom-made” and built by the client according to our specifications or we can suggest different reputable brands depending on several factors.

What software do you use for acoustic prediction?

For room acoustics, we use CATT, SOUNDFLOW and INSUL which are considered one of the most accurate softwares in the market

Do you sell your products internationally?

Yes, we sell our products worldwide.

Why don’t you have prices online ?

We are not an online store since our products are personalized according to specifications made by the client.

We also provide discounts depending on the quantities involved.

What is the policy of refund of your products?

According to the current law, right of refund does not apply to contracts for the supply of goods made according to consumer specifications or clearly personalized and that cannot be easily resold due to customization.

Our materials, being chosen according to specifications provided by the customer, fall within this scope and can only be exchanged in case of damage by the carrier or manufacturing defects at the source. In that case the damaged goods will be replaced by new ones.

Do offer 3D files ?

Yes, all our projects offer 3D files (images and video animations done in SketchUp)

Do you offer photo realistic designs ?

Yes, we can offer photo realistic designs for an extra fee