Do you work worldwide ?

Yes, we work worldwide, both for acoustics consultancy and products supply.

Which areas of expertise do you cover ?

We are experts in room acoustics particularly studio design and acoustics for large spaces such as concert halls, churches and theatres.

We also have done work in industrial and environmental acoustics

What is your academic qualifications ?

Our staff has a Post-Graduation in Acoustics and a Master Degree in Physics Eng. in Acoustics. They are also professional musicians 🙂

What software do you use for acoustic prediction?

For room acoustics we use CATT which is considered to be one of the most accurate software in the market. We use different software packages for sound insulation prediction, environmental acoustics…

Do offer 3D files ?

Yes, all our projects offer 3D files (imagens and video animations done in SketchUp)

Do you offer AutoCAD designs ?

Yes, we can offer AutoCAD designs for an extra fee

Do you offer photo realistic designs ?

Yes, we can offer photo realistic designs for an extra fee

What products do you use in your projects ?

We can use products from any reputable brands and custom-made products.

In which languages can you write a report ?

We can write a report in english, portuguese or spanish